Profile of the Organization

Legal Registrations :

Registration under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act-1971.

Registration under Income Tax Exemptiont Under Section 80G Act of 1961, India.

Registration under Income Tax Department under 12A.

Siri Society has been registered under FCRA Act-1977.

Siri Society PAN Card.

Organizational Structure:

The management body of the organization is a Board of 7 members, consisting of President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and two Executive Members. This Board is the ultimate decision maker such as children admission. staff recruitment, procurement of drugs, fundraising activities and overall management of children facilities. Board meets once in every 3 months regularly to review the programs implementation, discus the issues and take decisions towards organizational growth, during these meetings General Secretary plays vital role, also he takes concern of writing minutes regularly. Some times general secretary also would call the members to meet on any emergency issues.

About Siri Society :

SIRI Education and Empowerment Society for Rural Development is a non-profit voluntary organization (Tax absolved organization) established in the year of 1996 and enlisted under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1350 in Hyderabad. Presently the Organization is working in Adilabad District committed to provide financial help to the poorest rural Peoples.While the short term objectives are to enhance the small resources for subsistence, the long term goals are Poverty Alleviation, Economic Independence and Social Emancipation of the poorest rural Peoples.

Building social resources alongside financial resources are essential to achieve any significant results in our poverty easing endeavors. Empowerment of women is an essential and critical part of it.

When we empower a Rural Peoples, we are empowering a family, and along these lines society.

Therefore, SIRI tries to concentrate on the financial development parts of the poor Peoples.

On the social side, the emphasize is on education, health, sanitation, access to drinking water, eradication of social evils, such as dowry, child labor and so on. On the financial side, SIRI is resolved to give security free micro-credit for meaningful income-generating activities, and micro-entrepreneurship, economically reasonable and ecologically manageable, and in the long run guide them to be independent, and be masters of their own destiny, breaking the well-established reliance disorder.

As on today the organization is able to reach up to 800 such needy people across the country.